About Richard McGuire

Richard McGuire has had two lifelong passions – photography and travel.

He’s been taking pictures since he got his first little box camera at the age of five. Not long afterwards, he began exploring the ravines and streets of Toronto, where he spent much of his childhood.

Bringing his two passions together, his photography explores interesting locations at home and abroad, portraying a sense of place – the people, cityscapes and landscapes that make a place unique.

Richard became serious about photography in the 1970s when he bought a used single-lens reflex camera and backpacked around the globe. He studied journalism, which included courses in photojournalism.

During Richard’s career in journalism, as well as 14 years working in federal politics, he has lived in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. He has explored all 10 Canadian provinces and two of the three territories.

He has continued to backpack internationally, capturing images from colourful lands.

Richard’s work has been widely published in magazines, journals and textbooks. One of his images appeared on a U.S. postage stamp celebrating the national parks and another has appeared in a National Geographic book.

He moved to Osoyoos, British Columbia in 2012, working as a photographer, reporter and editor of the Osoyoos Times until November 2018.

Richard plans to continue working part time as a self-employed photographer in the Okanagan Valley. His work includes fine art, editorial, commercial, event and portrait photography.