The big smoke

The smoke has been heavy in Osoyoos in the last while — off and on for several weeks — from the wildfires burning throughout the B.C. Interior. I took a few photos on the weekend prior to sunset, when the effect of the smoke on the sunlight is the most dramatic. Incidentally, I had to travel to the Sunshine Coast on Friday to retrieve my car and there’s even smoke down there, though not as bad as the interior. (Richard McGuire photos)

The sun becomes a fiery ball as it sets behind the ridge of Kruger Mountain above Osoyoos on Sunday night. The eerie effect is caused by the heavy blanket of smoke that hangs over most of Southern B.C. (Richard McGuire photo)

A thick blanket of smoke hanges over Osoyoos giving the sun an orange glow as it lowers in the evening. Large amounts of smoke cover most of southern B.C., blowing south from wildfires in Central B.C. (Richard McGuire photo)

The sun becomes an orange ball as it makes its final descent through thick smoke over Osoyoos Saturday evening. (Richard McGuire photo)

About Richard McGuire

Richard McGuire is a photographer and photojournalist based in Osoyoos in the South Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada.

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